School Assembly Lessons

You can extend your students’ learning about the environment and conservation through our new pre and post School Assembly Lessons. These lessons are curriculum-linked, inquiry based, hands-on and fun! The lessons are designed to help students understand key concepts and consolidate learning objectives that are presented during the Earth Rangers School Assembly.
Click here for the School Assembly Videos.

Grade 1-3 Lessons

Inspector Fauna (Pre-Lesson)
Amazing Animal Cards (Post-Lesson)

Students investigate an outdoor environment, observe animals in their habitat, and communicate their findings by creating their own Amazing Animal Card. When connected with the post-lesson, learning is further deepened.

In this lesson, students consolidate learning from the School Assembly by creating their own Amazing Animal Card featuring the animal’s adaptation, habitat, and actions to protect it. The created cards can be shared to increase awareness at home or at school.

School Assembly Videos


Bring Back the Wild Piping Plover

Bring Back the Wild Monarch Butterfly

Northern communities video with Caitlyn Baike