School Assembly

UPDATE: We are returning to in-person presentations as of September, 2022!

The Earth Rangers School Assembly is an exciting and interactive presentation complete with live animals, games and trivia, captivating video content, and two enthusiastic presenters who explain complex environmental issues in a way kids can understand. We not only teach kids about the environmental issues our planet is facing — we empower them to take action. Our assembly inspires students by highlighting the real-life work conservationists are doing, showing them how they too can take action for a cause they care about.

We get kids excited about helping the environment and feeling confident that they can create real change.

Virtual School Shows

Earth Rangers has developed an innovative and interactive live virtual program that is packed full of fast-paced action, loads of educational information and tons of engagement. Check out the video below for a snapshot of what our popular virtual program looks like.

Earth Rangers virtual school shows from Earth Rangers on Vimeo.

The Virtual School Program includes:

  • Real-time broadcasting live from the Earth Rangers Centre
  • Educational, curriculum-linked information appropriate for Grades 1-6
  • Integration of technology like green screens, video segments, and multiple camera angles to create a unique and immersive virtual
  • Interactive elements like trivia and a choose-your-own-adventure format to keep students attentive and engaged
  • Demonstrations by our beloved Animal Ambassadors like Kateri the Peregrine Falcon, Gizmo the Eurasian Eagle Owl, and Quillow the Prehensile-tailed Porcupine.

The Earth Rangers School Assembly is offered free of charge to elementary schools across Canada!

What schools are saying

We asked 100 schools what they thought of the Earth Rangers School Assembly Program:

“Staff have used information and ideas from your presentation to support curriculum.”

“Our students gained a greater understanding of how precious our planet truly is”

“This was one of the best, interactive assemblies at our school. We were very fortunate to have had this learning experience!”

Enhance Your Students’ Learning

The Earth Rangers School Assembly is not a one-off experience, but an inspirational introduction to a program that encourages lasting engagement. Our School Assembly Lessons have been developed for Grade 1-3 and are curriculum-linked, inquiry based, hands-on and fun!

You can also check out our Classroom Activities, a series of hands-on, interactive activities that provide curriculum-linked content to broaden the scope of environmental education in the classroom.