School Assembly

The Earth Rangers School Assembly is a dynamic and interactive presentation for Grades 1-6 that leverages the shared, innate connection children of all backgrounds have to animals. Through the power of live animal demonstrations and positive, science-based information, our high-quality program educates students about the importance of protecting biodiversity while highlighting real conservation initiatives across Canada. The program is recreated each and every year, ensuring the inclusion of current and relevant topics and staying fresh and exciting for students and teachers.

About the Assembly

Throughout the Assembly, students are introduced to four of the Earth Rangers Animal Ambassadors, including animals like Kateri the Peregrine Falcon, Gizmo the Eurasian Eagle Owl, and Quillow the Prehensile-tailed Porcupine.

The 45-minute Assembly takes place in the school’s gym and features:

  • An immersive HD multimedia experience
  • Live Animal Ambassadors demonstrating their amazing natural behaviours
  • A fun and interactive game that gets students and teachers involved
  • Educational, curriculum-linked information appropriate for Grades 1-6

The Earth Rangers School Assembly is offered completely free of charge to elementary schools across Canada.

What schools are saying

We asked 100 schools what they thought of the Earth Rangers School Assembly Program:

“Staff have used information and ideas from your presentation to support curriculum.”

“Our students gained a greater understanding of how precious our planet truly is”

“This was one of the best, interactive assemblies at our school. We were very fortunate to have had this learning experience!”

After we’ve left

The Earth Rangers School Assembly is not a one-off experience, but an inspirational introduction to a program that encourages lasting engagement.

The biggest differentiator between our program and others is the follow-up component of becoming a member, completely free of charge. Our Membership Program provides students with an engaging online experience and tangible activities that make an impact on real-life conservation projects and environmental initiatives. To participate in the Membership Program, students visit and register to become an Earth Ranger. You can also continue to engage your classes in environmental education by accessing our Classroom Activities and Curriculum Resources.