Earth Rangers Clubs

What is an Earth Rangers Club?

An Earth Rangers Club is a group of elementary students and educators who have made a commitment to take action to help animals and the environment.  The Club can be run in a classroom (Classroom-run Club) or as an extracurricular program with students from all different grade levels (School-Wide Club). An Earth Rangers Clubs is designed for students from K-6, but can be adapted for 7-8.

What Does an Earth Rangers Club do?

Earth Rangers Clubs take action for animals and the environment with the guidance of Club Missions. Clubs can pick and choose the Missions they want to take on during the school year. They implement the Missions at the classroom or school-wide level and see first-hand how their school community transforms to being more environmentally-responsible.

We will be piloting Earth Rangers Clubs in select schools during the 2018/19 school year. If you are interested in learning more about Earth Rangers Clubs and would like to be informed once Clubs officially launches please provide your information below.