Classroom Visits

Classroom Visits are designed to complement the School Assembly presentations, providing hands-on learning experiences for students. Classroom Visits have been developed for students in Grades 3-6. Each Grade level has a different environmental theme.

Grade 3: Plants & Pollinators

Focused on pollinators, this new program educates students about the importance of plants, their relationship with animals and the role they play in the environment. Students participate in hands-on activities related to plants and pollination, connect with Animal Ambassadors, and learn how to take action to protect animals with Earth Rangers.

Grade 5: Mammal Diversity

With an emphasis on mammals, this program teaches students about the importance of biodiversity as they discover mammal adaptations for finding food, locomotion and ultimate survival in the wild. They then participate in a hands-on activity focused on bat anatomy, which reinforces adaptive features such as flight and echolocation.

Grade 4: Habitat Loss

This program educates students about the five basic reasons why animals are becoming endangered, and enables them to participate in an interactive demonstration outlining the consequences of habitat loss. The Toronto Zoo’s captive breeding program for the black-footed ferret, a globally endangered species, is used as a real world example.

Grade 6: Climate Change

Students learn the science behind Earth’s greenhouse effect and how changes in climate affect people and biodiversity, before taking part in a hands-on lesson to bring to life how climate change impacts industries and how those same industries may in turn contribute to climate change.