Teachers, engage your students this Earth Month!

Earth Month is a great time for students to become active in learning about and protecting biodiversity, and fundraising can be a powerful way to do just that.

Earth Rangers has developed a project, in collaboration with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), to protect important marine habitat on Canada’s west coast. Funds raised through the Earth Month is for the Animals initiative will contribute to important research of islands, reefs, and coastal environments in the Pacific, aiming to secure stronger conservation measures of this treasured ecosystem. This project will positively impact species like Killer Whales, Sea Otters and Tufted Puffins.

Ready to get your class and/or school involved this Earth Month?

You’ll find all the resources you need to support your campaign below, including a:

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Supporting Resources

We’re also excited to provide you and your students with colouring sheets, word searches, crosswords, and factsheets about the animals your donations will help protect – simply register using the form above to access these bonus materials!

If students fundraise individually, provide them with the student pledge sheet to keep track of the donations they’ve collected. Alternatively, if your class has chosen a fundraising activity to participate in together, use the teacher pledge sheet provided to track total donations.

*Please note that any donors requiring tax receipts (minimum $10 donation) must provide their full first and last name as well as their mailing address so that we can issue and mail their receipts as required.

Once your campaign is over and you’ve collected your donations, you can send a cheque to our office:

9520 Pine Valley Drive
Woodbridge, ON
L4H 2Z6

If you don’t plan to use pledge sheets, please be sure to note the donations are part of your Earth Month is for the Animals campaign and include the following information with your cheque:

  • The name of your school/class
  • The number of students in your class
  • Your school’s mailing address
  • Your email address

By taking part in a fundraising activity, your class and/or school can earn awesome rewards! You’ll receive:
  • A downloadable certificate of excellence just for participating
  • An Earth Rangers banner (min. $250 raised)
  • An Earth Rangers trophy and banner (min. $500 raised)

We’ll send these out once we’ve received your donation in the mail. Remember to send in your cheque as soon as possible to make sure we have enough time to send out your rewards before the summer break!

Classroom Activities

For additional learning opportunities leading up to and during Earth Month, we’re excited to share four free downloadable Classroom Activities. These activities are hands-on, interactive, and curriculum-linked, while at the same time providing a fun Earth Rangers experience for your students.


Thank you for your support of Earth Rangers! Please email us at info@earthrangers.com or contact our Member Care Specialist at (905) 417-3447 ext. 2230 with any questions.

Visiting over 800 elementary schools across Canada annually, Earth Rangers travels from Whitehorse to St. John’s and everywhere in between, educating and inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders!

Participating in Earth Rangers school programs is an exciting and effective way to engage your students in environmental education and awareness, and inspire them to take action. Through our School Assembly, students learn about the natural history of Canadian wildlife, the current threats these animals face in the wild, and real-world conservation projects taking place to protect them. You can then keep the conversation going with an Earth Rangers Classroom Visit or Classroom Activities, both of which use hands-on learning and action to bring the information to life. Earth Rangers school outreach is designed for students in Grades 1-6.