Just as our members start out on another Earth Rangers Battery Blitz Mission, we’re eyeing an important date: Sunday, November 5th – the end of Daylight Saving Time. This year, our friends at Call2Recycle are asking people to recharge their homes by replacing and recycling unused batteries to their easy-to-remember “turn back to-do” list each year. Let’s get this etched in your memory:

Adding battery replacement and recycling as the clocks go back 1 hour each year is an easy way to help protect the environment, and something you can get your kids involved in through an Earth Rangers Mission. Here are a few good reasons why this simple action makes a big difference:

1. Only about 5% of alkaline batteries are recycled in Canada each year: In 2010, Canadians threw out 745 million batteries.
2. Recycling batteries keeps them out of landfills, where they add to solid waste that can be harmful to the environment.
3. Batteries that are properly recycled can be reused – either as new batteries or as stainless steel products.
4. It’s easy to find a place to recycle your batteries: There are over 8,000 locations across Canada. Find one using the Call2Recycle locator.
But why stop with battery-powered clocks? You can also use the end of Daylight Saving to replace and recycle the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, a component of household safety that’s often forgotten.

According to Call2Recycle, 2 million kilograms of batteries have been collected across Canada so far this year. That’s roughly the equivalent weight of 1,250 cars, but we know Canadians can do even better. So why not add replacing and recycling batteries to your turn back to-do list each year? It can help your kids complete the Battery Blitz Mission while also making a big difference for our planet.

Battery Blitz participants Ranger Elius and Ranger Capriana show off an impressive number of batteries before they take them to a nearby recycling station.