By signing up to become an Earth Ranger, children, with support from their families, make a commitment to engage in actions that directly contribute to the protection of wildlife. There are six membership levels they can aspire to by completing tangible activities, participating in real-life conservation projects and engaging with online content. But more than that, the program provides a sense of belonging, optimism and proof that when we all work together, we can make a difference.

Currently there are over 175,000 Earth Rangers across Canada.

Signing up to be an Earth Ranger

When your child registers for their free Earth Rangers membership on, they are asked to provide the email address of a parent or guardian. At this point, all e-communications will go to that email address. The first email you receive will inform you that your child has registered at It will consist of:

  • Your child’s username and password
  • A link to activate your child’s account
  • Information on membership, including next steps
  • Links to information on our programs, the Earth Rangers Foundation, customer service and FAQ
  • A link to deactivate your child’s account

Once you have activated your child’s account, they will receive their welcome package in the mail, including their very own personalized membership card!