The #1 environmental concern for kids across the country is protecting animals from extinction. At Earth Rangers, we provide children with the ability to do just that.

Earth Rangers programs are designed to be fun, educational, and confidence-building. We not only teach kids about the environmental issues our planet is facing—we empower them to take action. Our programs provide children with an engaging online experience, real-life conservation projects and tangible activities that positively impact the environment. But more than that, it provides a sense of belonging, optimism and proof that when we all work together, we can make a difference.

Earth Rangers reaches children across Canada through in-school presentations and classroom visits, and PSA’s on kids’ networks like YTV and Teletoon.

Building optimistic and conscientious children

Earth Rangers programming is proven to have a positive impact on our members, resulting in more confident and socially responsible children.

We recently collaborated with Ipsos Canada to develop a survey comparing the environmental attitudes, awareness and actions of 600 Earth Rangers Members and 600 non-members across the country, and the results amazed us. Earth Rangers Members are not only more engaged in environmental behaviours, but are more optimistic for the future, more confident in their ability to affect change, and are more altruistic, showing a greater concern not just for the environment but for other social issues.