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Almost unanimously, children identify the crisis facing animals as their number one environmental concern and are passionate about taking action to protect species and their habitats. Earth Rangers has responded to this by developing Bring Back the Wild. The goal of our Bring Back the Wild program is simple yet critical: to educate and inspire children about biodiversity loss in an engaging and interactive format and provide tools to help them protect animals at risk of extinction across Canada.

The program is promoted nationally on YTV, through our school outreach program and at community events. To register, children go to Earthrangers.com, choose the animal they want to help protect and create their own donation page. Since launching Bring Back the Wild in September 2010, over 200,000 children have participated, click here to see this year’s Bring Back the Wild projects

If you’re interested in sponsoring a Bring Back the Wild project, please contact our Director of Development, Tovah Barocas

Earth Rangers Membership

By becoming a  member of Earth Rangers, children, with support from their families, make a commitment to engage in actions that directly contribute to the protection of wildlife. Members will receive their own personalized membership card and welcome package. Their first mission as an official Earth Ranger will be to complete a Bring Back the Wild fundraising campaign to help save an animal. Once their campaign is complete, members will receive updates on BBtW projects and additional missions they can do at home that encourage environmentally responsible behaviours.

Missions will be mailed to Earth Rangers with details about the activity and helpful tips for getting started.  Whether it be a battery recycling program, climate change mitigation in your home or some other activity, by connecting these actions to the impacts on animals our aim is to remind children and their families that small actions, when adopted by many, can have a huge impact.


Incorporating the power of live animals to connect with children, our School Outreach Program reaches over 550 schools across Canada annually.

The program begins with a full school assembly featuring our live Animal Ambassadors demonstrating their amazing natural behaviors. Telling the stories of four unique Canadian species, the program inspires students to want to learn more about animals and their habitats and work to help protect biodiversity.

Complimenting each show is a catalogue of Earth Rangers science-related resources for educators that offer curriculum-linked activities and lesson plans.

Science curriculum-linked classroom programs have been co-developed with the Vancouver Aquarium, Toronto Zoo and Royal Ontario Museum and are also available for grades 4-6.Earth Rangers travels to cities and towns from Vancouver, BC to Thompson, MT to Halifax, NS and everywhere in between.

If you’re interested in sponsoring our school outreach program, please contact our Director of development, Tovah Barocas

If you’re a teacher, principal or school administrator and would like to request Earth Rangers at your school, please contact our Manager of Live Productions, Amy Vyse (avyse@earthrangers.com)


EarthRangers.com is the online destination for children to explore conservation themed content and take action to protect animals and their homes. In 2012 we achieved 635,000 unique visits and are on target to reach 1 million this year.

  • Our Wild Wire Blog provides environmental news articles, videos & updates on our Bring Back The Wild projects, interviews with scientists and fascinating facts about animals.
  • Our Bring Back the Wild section gives children the opportunity to create a donation page and earn rewards for helping to protect the habitats of endangered and at risk animals.
  • Our animals section features indepth information about our animal ambassadors and all the species we’re helping to protect through our Bring Back the Wild conservation projects.