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By becoming a member of Earth Rangers, children, with support from their families, make a commitment to engage in actions that directly contribute to the protection of wildlife. Members receive a welcome package, including a personalized membership card, and throughout the year, receive communications with engaging content, fun challenges and updates.


earth rangers missions program
Earth Rangers Missions are fun, short term assignments that Members are challenged to complete throughout the year, designed to keep children and their families engaged and actively participating in actions that directly contribute to the health of our environment all year round.

Through these Missions our goal is to teach kids and their families that no matter how small they may seem, our actions can have a significant collective impact on our environment when we all work together.

Help Protect the Western Screech Owl
Help Protect the Western Screech Owl
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Help Protect the Bobolink
Help Protect the Swift Fox
Help Protect the Eastern Wolf


Earth Rangers is dedicated to educating children and families about biodiversity and empowering them to take action through a unique program called Bring Back the Wild. This national education and fundraising initiative teaches children about the importance of protecting animals by preserving their natural habitats and gives them the tools to make a tangible contribution to conservation projects developed to ensure the survival of four native species each year. Through their own Bring Back the Wild campaigns kids make a direct impact on the survival of these threatened species.

To date more than 270,000 kids have worked together to raise over $1.6 million for Bring Back the Wild conservation projects. Now in its fifth year, this kid-powered conservation program announces four new conservation projects for the bobolink, swift fox, eastern wolf and western screech owl


birthday party program

Our Birthday Party Program gives children the opportunity to host an Earth Rangers themed birthday party based on the animal they are helping to protect. Each birthday party is supported with a kit that includes party favours featuring their chosen animals.


The Earth Rangers Educational Outreach Program is designed to help students understand the profound effects of human activity on our planet and the species that inhabit it.

School Assembly Presentations

Using the extraordinary power of live animals to teach students about the issues facing Canadian wildlife, our goal is to educate children about biodiversity and to inspire them to take action by becoming directly involved in helping to protect animals and their habitats. Each year, Earth Rangers visits 600 English and French elementary schools across the country directly reaching almost 200,000 students with our conservation message.

Classroom Visits

To complement the School Assembly Presentations, the Classroom Visit Program provides a hands-on learning experience that meets the environmental science curriculum requirements for students in Grades 4 to 6.


Curriculum Resources

Earth Rangers provides an online catalogue of science-related resources for educators with curriculum-linked activities and lesson plans. These educational resources have been created to engage students and facilitate a connection to wildlife both inside and outside the classroom.


EarthRangers.com is one of the largest online environmental communities for kids in Canada and the ideal destination for kids interested in conservation and biodiversity. The website features over 25 environmentally themed games, videos about species in the wild, environmental news, interviews and fun facts about animals.


The site also provides a tangible means for children to take action to help protect animals through Bring Back the Wild, our online fundraising initiative. Kids can learn about the different animal projects, choose the animal they would like to help, create a campaign page – including a personalized avatar – and reach out to family and friends to request donations. The easy to navigate site makes becoming an Earth Ranger and learning about the importance of protecting animals and their homes a simple and fun experience.