Curious about your future environmental leaders? Over the next 10 months we will be featuring some of our amazing Earth Rangers, who joined because they love animals and are committed to making the world a better place.

We met Joel in 2014 when he decided to donate his birthday money to help endangered animals. Now at 10 years old he has 2 successful fundraisers under his belt, and has completed several Earth Rangers Missions like improving energy efficiency at home and cleaning up litter from wildlife habitat in his neighbourhood. We know he’ll continue to do great things—his enthusiasm (and that smile) is contagious!

Joel with badge

But no one tells Joel’s story quite like Joel himself:

Hi! My name is Joel and I decided to become an Earth Ranger because I really like animals. The Earth Rangers school assembly tells us about why it’s important to save the animals, and during the presentation I realized that there were some animals that were endangered. I got really inspired because I thought I could help them!After I signed up to be an Earth Ranger I asked my friends and family to donate to my campaign to help the Blanding’s turtle for my 8th birthday. My mom donated, my dad donated, my mom’s friends donated, my dad’s friends donated, my family members donated. I raised $275 to help turtles which made me really proud.

You should donate to Earth Rangers too because you are helping a great cause to protect the environment and the animals. The environment is our home, for both humans and animals, and we need to protect it from all harm and make it stronger. If everyone helps, when I grow up it will look like no harm has come to Nature, and when that happens the world would be wonderful!

Thank you for helping,

We’re so proud of Joel, and all of our Earth Rangers members! But the most important thing is that Earth Rangers members are proud of themselves.

Help build a generation of optimistic, confident and ambitious environmental leaders. Make a donation today to help ensure that every child can become an Earth Ranger, completely free of charge.