Make Room for Nature

About the Campaign

In 2015, Canada’s Federal Government made a commitment to protect 17% of terrestrial areas by 2020. With efforts in recent years, Canada has managed to protect 12%, which is a good start, but even more can be done.   That’s why conservation organizations from across the country have come together to increase awareness and support for protected areas in Canada through the #MakeRoomforNature campaign.

About Earth Rangers

As the only national group focused on engaging kids and families in conservation, we felt it was important that Earth Rangers participate to ensure those perspectives are represented.  It is our children who will bear the burden of inaction on the environment, which is why it is critical we support the protection of our treasured natural resources now.

Did you know Earth Rangers has launched an app? For 15 years, Earth Rangers has teamed up with parents and schools to help children learn about animals and the environment. They told us they wanted a safe and easy-to-use experience for their children, and we’re excited to deliver. Now members will be able to access all things Earth Rangers from any iOS or Android phone or tablet. Share this great opportunity with a child in your life by signing them up for a free membership!