PRESS RELEASE – Since 2014, with support from Environment and Climate Change Canada, Earth Rangers has grown from an organization of 35,000 members to over 150,000 members in every Province and Territory. These children, with support from their families, take action every day to preserve the environment, protect biodiversity and fight climate change.  The contribution also allowed for the expansion of Earth Rangers’ School Assembly Program into the far north and the launch of a French program called Éco Héros.

Earth Rangers is delighted to announce continued support from Environment and Climate Change Canada, in the amount of $700,000, to educate children and families across Canada about the impacts of climate change on wildlife and the importance of healthy, diverse ecosystems in addressing climate change, and to encourage them to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Support from the Government of Canada has been integral in helping Earth Rangers reach diverse audiences.  We’re thrilled to continue this impactful partnership, ensuring that any child who wants to engage in conservation in this country, can do so through Earth Rangers.”  Liz Schad, Chair

“Climate change is a defining issue of our time and we are encouraged by the Government of Canada’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and put a price on carbon. At Earth Rangers we believe children have an important role to play in helping Canada adapt to and mitigate climate change by conserving nature, forming sustainable habits and inspiring behavioral change in others. Ultimately, we aim not to just create the few environmental leaders of tomorrow, but to encourage an entire generation of conservationists.” Peter Kendall, Executive Director

SOURCE Earth Rangers

For further information: Tovah Barocas, Director of Development and Communications, Earth Rangers,, 416-827-1460