Canadians are among the world’s worst food wasters, tossing close to 400kg per person in the trash each year. But what’s the biggest source? It turns out that the largest single contributor comes at the consumer level, with over 50 per cent of wasted food originating from Canadian homes.

This is a serious issue, and it’s also costing us about $31 billion annually. But it’s far more than just our bank accounts that are suffering. When food goes into the trash, we’re also wasting the energy that goes into growing, packaging, and transportation. Once in landfills, wasted food is estimated to produce about 20 per cent of Canada’s methane emissions, a greenhouse gas that accelerates the impacts of climate change.

While we all waste food from time to time, we know that with a little bit of planning, Canadian families can drastically cut back on food waste and help protect animals and the environment.  That’s why Earth Rangers created Food Waste Warrior, a new Mission that challenges kids and their families to go a whole week without throwing away any food.

We are also very excited to announce that Mission participants can enter the Food Waste Warrior Cooking Contest. Featuring special guest judge Chef Michael Smith, we want your family to make the most of your missing mixed greens, truant tofu, or elderly edamame by reimaging these venerable leftovers as a new meal. All submissions will be judged by Chef Michael on their creativity and how well they transform into a delicious meal. The contest runs from May 15 to June 16 – encourage your kids to enter now for a chance to win awesome prizes!

Let’s hear a bit more about the impacts of food waste and Food Waste Warrior from the Chef himself:

Are your kids ready to become Food Waste Warriors? Time to get cooking!
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