NEW Earth Rangers Clubs

Join teachers across Canada who are engaging their students in taking action to protect animals and the environment!

STEM goes to the Zoo

To help their nyala’s feel more comfortable, England’s Marwell Zoo has started heating their indoor pens and are using the power of STEM to save energy!

Making Smarter Farms with STEM

With the world’s population growing bigger every day, we need more food than ever to feed everyone. Unfortunately, with the impacts of climate change, like drought, it’s getting harder to grow enough food to go around and get it to where it is needed.

It’s Spawning Season!

Earth Rangers is working on a project that’s trying to restore the Coquitlam River’s salmon population by collecting salmon eggs and bringing them to a nearby hatchery so they can grow and be released back into the river.

2018 Annual Report

This year’s Annual Report is titled “Setting Records”, celebrating the major milestones Earth Rangers and our members across Canada have achieved throughout the year. Thank you for your support! Download the Full...

Meadows for Monarchs

Spring has sprung, which means that nature is waking up and that species that have spent the winter down south are returning. Outside your window you might hear the sweet song of the robin, and in the garden, the green tips of tulips and crocus are starting to make an...

Saving Ringed Seals with Lily and Caitlyn

Ringed seals need Arctic sea ice to survive. They sleep on it, hunt on it, and have their babies on it. Unfortunately, due to climate change, the amount of sea ice in the Arctic is decreasing and this could cause big problems for the species. That’s why Earth Rangers...

Using STEM to Save Rhinos

Welcome back, Stemologists! So far, we’ve learned how STEM can be used to clean up the ocean, and what makes a smart device so smart. This time, we’re taking a look at how STEM is being used to help an endangered species in South Africa: rhinos. Did you know that...

Your Next Mission: Helping Forests with Fantastic Crafts

Earth Rangers is challenging our members to show their appreciation for the many great things that forests provide to us by turning items from the forest into something new! Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Halloween or anything in between, members will find a way to...