Make Room for Nature

Make Room for Nature: Conservation organizations from across the country have come together to increase awareness and support for protected areas in Canada.

Saving the Salmon: A Project Update

The sockeye salmon of BC’s Coquitlam River are a crucial food source for both local wildlife and the Kwikwetlem First Nation people, and provide nutrients for the river’s ecosystem. Unfortunately, populations are rapidly declining.

Saying Goodbye to our Summer Visitors

Earth Rangers and Nature Conservancy of Canada have been busy at work ensuring monarchs have everything they need for their stay up north.

NEW Earth Rangers Clubs

Join teachers across Canada who are engaging their students in taking action to protect animals and the environment!

STEM goes to the Zoo

To help their nyala’s feel more comfortable, England’s Marwell Zoo has started heating their indoor pens and are using the power of STEM to save energy!

Making Smarter Farms with STEM

With the world’s population growing bigger every day, we need more food than ever to feed everyone. Unfortunately, with the impacts of climate change, like drought, it’s getting harder to grow enough food to go around and get it to where it is needed.

It’s Spawning Season!

Earth Rangers is working on a project that’s trying to restore the Coquitlam River’s salmon population by collecting salmon eggs and bringing them to a nearby hatchery so they can grow and be released back into the river.