Sustainable and a Little Bit Wild: The Earth Rangers Centre

At Earth Rangers, we work hard to educate and inspire kids and families about the importance of protecting animals and the environment. That’s why we’re very proud that our headquarters, the Earth Rangers Centre, has been designed in a way that embodies our commitment to protecting nature for future generations.

Canada’s Living Forests: Myths, Maple and You

Did you know that two-thirds of wildlife in Canada depend on healthy forests for survival? Learn more about the amazing contributions forests make to our lives – and enter the Living Forests Photo Contest for a chance to win cool prizes!

Help protect endangered belugas this Earth Month

This year, with the help of our partners GREMM and Ocean Wise, we’re turning our attention to Quebec to figure out how shipping traffic and other underwater noise are impacting belugas.

Parks & protected areas: cool solutions for a warming planet

To help raise awareness about the important role parks and protected areas play in climate resilience, we’ve launched Just One Tree, a new Mission that gives kids an opportunity to learn about how biodiversity is impacted and what they can do about it.

Canadian Forestry’s Role in Bird Conservation

Birds play a vital role in keeping forests healthy through their roles as seed dispersers, pollinators, and pest control. Likewise, Canada’s forests provide important breeding and nesting habitat for bird species.