Lend a Helping Flipper on World Sea Turtle Day!

Did you know that sea turtles can hold their breath up to five hours under water? Or that some species can live to be over 80 years old? What about the fact that they have existed for over 100 million years? That means they shared the planet with dinosaurs! These are...

Annual Report 2019: Our Silver Lining

Earth Rangers’ 2019 Annual Report is titled “Our Silver Lining”, celebrating the inspiring actions our members who work tirelessly for a better future in the face of so much environmental uncertainty. We encourage you to take a few minutes to read this report...

Restoring Prairie Habitat for Western Bumblebees

The western bumblebee is what we call a habitat generalist—a species able to thrive in a wide variety of environmental conditions and ecosystems, from subalpine and montane habitats to open forests and prairie grasslands. Once considered one of the most common and...

The Wolverine: One Tough Customer

Earth Rangers and University of Calgary researcher Mirjam Barrueto are working to protect wolverine habitat from human impact and disturbance.

Restoring Toronto’s Meadow Habitats

In partnership with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), Earth Rangers is helping to restore 16km expanse of urban greenspace and meadowlands.

The Great Grizzly

Earth Rangers and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Canada need your help to protect grizzly bear habitat in the Yukon’s Beaver River Watershed!

Have You Not Heard of a Red Knot?

Earth Rangers is working with the International Conservation Fund of Canada to help protect an important migratory stopover site for the incredible red knot.

The World’s Cutest Weasel

Adopt a river otter and help Earth Rangers and WCS Canada protect crucial habitat along the Yukon’s river shorelines.

Make Room for Nature

Make Room for Nature: Conservation organizations from across the country have come together to increase awareness and support for protected areas in Canada.