Since 2013, Earth Rangers and BASF have teamed up to bring hands-on chemistry workshops to students in elementary schools across Canada. The award-winning Kids’ Lab is a 45-minute lab session that focuses on a chemistry concepts and chemical processes that occur in the natural environment. Through simple, interactive experiments, students gain an understanding of the role that chemistry plays in nature and how it enriches our daily lives. For example, “Hold Everything!” allows students to explore some interestingly absorbent materials, and discover an amazing chemical with a noteworthy property through experimenting with common household products.

One of the main objectives of BASF Kids’ Lab is to inspire children’s interest in science and the environment, nurturing the next generation of environmental scientists, conservationists, and leaders. Through the program, Earth Rangers introduces students to the importance of various fields of science, and how the principles of those fields can play a role in protecting our environment. Together, BASF and Earth Rangers encourage a more active interest in science by utilizing immersive, hands-on learning experiences that apply to real-world concepts and applications.

Thanks to a three-year grant from PromoScience, Earth Rangers will be increasing the reach of this Kids’ Lab across Canada, delivering the program to 60 classrooms per year with a focus on underserved areas like Indigenous communities, rural areas, and Francophone Canada. In an age when science programs are often under-funded, Earth Rangers School Assembly and BASF Kids’ Lab provide powerful science enrichment, ultimately encouraging children to understand the natural world around them and to pursue careers in science.

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