This summer, Earth Rangers and the Forest Products Associated of Canada (FPAC) challenged kids across the country to celebrate Canada’s forests through photography. The contest, which ran from May 1 to August 20, 2018, was open to aspiring photographers aged 12 and under, and had three categories: “best wildlife photo”, “best forest landscape” and “best tree photo”. Here are the winning pictures from each category as determined by our panel of expert judges:


Best Wildlife Photo

Grand prize winner



Veronica, Age 9

I took this photo…at the edge of the forest, where there are many wildflowers and lots of milkweed plants. I was so excited to capture the beauty of the Monarch Butterfly. I was also able to find several Monarch Caterpillars chomping away on the milkweed.

Secondary Prize Winner

Luke, Age 12

This picture is of a garter snake. I was walking through a woodland marshy area and heard rustling and there was the snake…He coiled up…so I got down to his level and started continuous shooting so I could capture his flicking tongue.

Secondary Prize Winner



Noah, Age 8

This photo was taken at our cottage…This little fox had been coming around since the winter, becoming more brave every time it visited. We enjoyed his visits and it was always exciting to see him, though we always kept a safe distance from him.


Best Forest Landscape

Grand prize winner



Grant, Age 12

This is in a park in my subdivision where I go for bike rides. I love how the water is so still and reflecting the trees and sky.

Secondary Prize Winner



Daniel, Age 11

The picture is a picture of a waterfall. I took it at Banff National Park Alberta I used my sisters phone for the picture.

Secondary Prize Winner

Shaayan, Age 10

Beautiful picture of Lake Morraine, we just visited in July. This picture truly shows the beautiful colours of nature.


Best Tree Photo

Grand prize winner



Julian, Age 10

…I was walking the trail with my family when I noticed this set of tree trunks and roots that grew together and were all connected. It reminded me that my family is like these trees as we grow together and our roots connect. I thought it was super cool and took a photo of it.

Secondary Prize Winner



Sophia, Age 11

New growth [is] how trees tell a story. This was taken near my school during my photography class.

Secondary Prize Winner



Abigail, Age 9

I took this picture of a windblown pine tree at Killbear Provincial Park on Georgian Bay Ontario


Congratulations to all the winners!

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