The fastest member of the animal kingdom, the peregrine falcon can dive at speeds of up to 320 km per hour! Even though these birds of prey are widespread today, only 50 years ago peregrine falcons faced extinction due to the use of a toxic pesticide called DDT. Thanks to a successful country-wide ban on DDT, over 1,500 peregrine falcons have now been reintroduced across Canada, and are adapting to life in urban areas. Although no longer at risk of immediate extinction, peregrine falcons still face many threats in the wild including disturbance and loss of their natural habitat and collisions with buildings.

Peregrine, Falco peregrinus

In September 2015, Earth Rangers launched the Bring Back the Wild Peregrine Falcon Project in collaboration with FLAP Canada and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). Funds raised by this project are helping researchers at NCC monitor breeding and nesting sites in natural areas, like the Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve in southern Québec, to reduce human disturbance during nesting season. Members of FLAP Canada will be studying Toronto’s urban peregrine falcon population, and educating Toronto building owners on what they can do to prevent bird collisions.

This Bring Back the Wild Project is an Earth Ranger favourite! Over 8,000 Earth Rangers Members have already raised $76,300 to help protect the peregrine falcon.

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