2015 Annual Report

In 2015, we set the ambitious goal of expanding our programs to every Province and into the Territories — and we did it. We delivered our School Outreach Program to more than 800 schools across the country. We strengthened our conservation partnerships, completing 4 ambitious projects and launching 4 more to help Canadian species at risk. We reached a record number of members, over 100,000 children who are more engaged than ever. And we have our generous members and supporters to thank, who made it all possible.


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Meet Earth Ranger Devin


11-year-old Devin is an animal lover who learned about Earth Rangers through his school. Inspired to protect animals and their habitats, his first action as an official Earth Ranger was to throw a Bring Back the Wild Birthday Party to help Ontario’s Eastern Wolves, a species threatened by habitat loss. Instead of receiving gifts, Devin raised $325 in donations from his friends and family to support Eastern Wolf conservation.

Devin sitting on rock

Being an Earth Ranger makes me feel good about myself because I know I am helping create change in the world and saving many animals in the process.

The attitudes and actions of children can have a huge influence on the future of the planet. Earth Rangers gives kids the inspiration and tools to get involved by doing things like planting pollinator habitat, keeping batteries out of landfills, conserving water and electricity at home, and raising money for species conservation projects across Canada. We then report back to them on the collective impact their actions have had, and the result is proud, confident, and optimistic children who believe they can make a difference.

Kids can change the world, but they can’t do it without you. Donate today to make sure we can keep providing our programs to all children 100% free of charge, and support the hard work our kids do every day to create a better tomorrow.


Amelia’s Amazing Contribution

We can’t help but feel optimistic for the future when we see the passion and commitment of today’s children! Earth Rangers are busy taking action to protect animals and their homes every day — like Amelia, who really went the extra mile to protect Little Brown Bats.

Super Ranger Amelia

Amelia became an Earth Rangers Member in December when she saw the Earth Rangers Assembly at her school. Since then, she has been working hard to fundraise to help protect Little Brown Bats.

Recently, Amelia raised a whopping $109 at her Bring Back the Wild Birthday Party, where instead of asking for birthday presents, she asked for donations for her Little Brown Bat Campaign! Amelia also came up with the idea of creating homemade Valentine’s Day cards and selling them around her neighbourhood. She explained to each neighbour the importance of Little Brown Bats to our ecosystem and how they are under threat from White Nose Syndrome.

We’re excited to share that Amelia raised another $96 from her Valentine’s Day cards. Super Ranger Amelia and her family would like to thank all their supporters who generously donated to her Bring Back the Wild Campaign.

A big thank you to Amelia for all you are doing to help protect Little Brown Bats!

At Earth Rangers our goal is to nurture children’s optimism for the future and ensure they have the tools to fuel their confidence by taking action and making a real difference for wildlife and our environment.

If you would like to help build a generation of optimistic, confident and ambitious environmental leaders, consider making a donation to Earth Rangers today. Your donation will ensure that kids across Canada can continue having access to our programming, completely free of charge.

Meet Earth Ranger Joel


Curious about your future environmental leaders? Over the next 10 months we will be featuring some of our amazing Earth Rangers, who joined because they love animals and are committed to making the world a better place.

We met Joel in 2014 when he decided to donate his birthday money to help endangered animals. Now at 10 years old he has 2 successful fundraisers under his belt, and has completed several Earth Rangers Missions like improving energy efficiency at home and cleaning up litter from wildlife habitat in his neighbourhood. We know he’ll continue to do great things—his enthusiasm (and that smile) is contagious!

Joel with badge

But no one tells Joel’s story quite like Joel himself:

Hi! My name is Joel and I decided to become an Earth Ranger because I really like animals. The Earth Rangers school assembly tells us about why it’s important to save the animals, and during the presentation I realized that there were some animals that were endangered. I got really inspired because I thought I could help them!After I signed up to be an Earth Ranger I asked my friends and family to donate to my campaign to help the Blanding’s turtle for my 8th birthday. My mom donated, my dad donated, my mom’s friends donated, my dad’s friends donated, my family members donated. I raised $275 to help turtles which made me really proud.

You should donate to Earth Rangers too because you are helping a great cause to protect the environment and the animals. The environment is our home, for both humans and animals, and we need to protect it from all harm and make it stronger. If everyone helps, when I grow up it will look like no harm has come to Nature, and when that happens the world would be wonderful!

Thank you for helping,

We’re so proud of Joel, and all of our Earth Rangers members! But the most important thing is that Earth Rangers members are proud of themselves.

Help build a generation of optimistic, confident and ambitious environmental leaders. Make a donation today to help ensure that every child can become an Earth Ranger, completely free of charge.

Earth Rangers Celebrates 100,000 Members!

We have an exciting milestone to celebrate! Our community has grown to over 100,000 Earth Rangers who take action every day to protect animals and their habitats. In September 2013, Earth Rangers launched our Official Membership Program, which provided children with even more fun and impactful ways to protect animals. By the end of 2014, the Earth Rangers community grew to 63,500 members across Canada, with no signs of slowing down. In 2015 alone, over 100,000 members have already raised $273,567 to protect endangered species, and signed up for 36,327 conservation missions!

Protecting Animals from Extinction is the #1 Environmental Concern for Canadian Kids

At Earth Rangers we have always known that kids love animals and are passionate about helping to protect them. What we didn’t know is that protecting animals from extinction is actually the #1 environmental concern for Canadian kids.

Earth Rangers recently worked with Ipsos Reid to conduct a survey with children across Canada to learn more about their awareness, attitudes and behaviours when it comes to environmental issues. We are excited to share that not only do the results show that Canadian kids have a high level of awareness and concern for environmental issues but more importantly, when given the opportunity to make a tangible contribution through programs like Earth Rangers, kids become more engaged, more confident and more optimistic in their ability to protect animals, their habitats and the health of our planet.

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