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Call2Recycle collects and recycles over 5 million kg of batteries each year. That’s equivalent to the weight of 1,000 African elephants! You can do your part to make sure more batteries are recycled by participating in the Battery Blitz School Mission!

Your Mission is to recycle as many used batteries as you can by bringing them into your school and disposing of them in the Call2Recycle collection boxes. The school that recycles the most batteries will win* a Pizza Party!


Here’s How it Works:

  • The Battery Blitz Mission will kick off in participating schools during the live Earth Rangers Assembly.
  • Battery collection boxes will be set up and students will be asked to bring in their used batteries over a 2 week period. In addition to common, single use batteries, any battery less than 5kg can be brought in to be recycled, including those found in: power tools, video game consoles, digital & video cameras, cellphones & cordless phones and watches (with the exception of wet-cell batteries). Please cover terminals with tape (electrical/duct/masking) before bringing the batteries to school.
  • After your 2 week period of battery collection is completed your school must call Purolator at 1-888-744-7123 to have your battery collection box picked up.
  • All batteries will be collected and weighed and the school that collects the most, by weight, will win* a Pizza Party!

Click below for full rules and regulations in:
Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia

Congratulations to the following winners from the Battery Blitz School Mission Ontario Contest!

Grand Prize Winner: St. Mary Catholic School – Recycled 335kg of batteries.
Second Prize Winner: Yorkhill Elementary School – Recycled 315kg of batteries.
Third Prize Winner: Tom Thomson Public School – Recycled 288kg of batteries.

Congratulations to the following Grand Prize winner from the Battery Blitz School Mission British Columbia Contest!

Woodward Hill Elementary School, Surrey BC – Recycled 488kg of batteries.

Call2Recycle collects and recycles over 5 million kg’s of batteries each year. To find the nearest Call2Recycle collection site, please visit