We can’t help but feel optimistic for the future when we see the passion and commitment of today’s children! Earth Rangers are busy taking action to protect animals and their homes every day — like Amelia, who really went the extra mile to protect Little Brown Bats.

Super Ranger Amelia

Amelia became an Earth Rangers Member in December when she saw the Earth Rangers Assembly at her school. Since then, she has been working hard to fundraise to help protect Little Brown Bats.

Recently, Amelia raised a whopping $109 at her Bring Back the Wild Birthday Party, where instead of asking for birthday presents, she asked for donations for her Little Brown Bat Campaign! Amelia also came up with the idea of creating homemade Valentine’s Day cards and selling them around her neighbourhood. She explained to each neighbour the importance of Little Brown Bats to our ecosystem and how they are under threat from White Nose Syndrome.

We’re excited to share that Amelia raised another $96 from her Valentine’s Day cards. Super Ranger Amelia and her family would like to thank all their supporters who generously donated to her Bring Back the Wild Campaign.

A big thank you to Amelia for all you are doing to help protect Little Brown Bats!

At Earth Rangers our goal is to nurture children’s optimism for the future and ensure they have the tools to fuel their confidence by taking action and making a real difference for wildlife and our environment.

If you would like to help build a generation of optimistic, confident and ambitious environmental leaders, consider making a donation to Earth Rangers today. Your donation will ensure that kids across Canada can continue having access to our programming, completely free of charge.