Our Team

We’re a team of energetic and passionate people, on a mission to build the next generation of environmental leaders.


Since my son was born in 2002, the global population has grown by over a billion people and shows no signs of slowing down. This growth is putting tremendous pressure on our natural world. Uncontrolled habitat loss, invasive species growth and climate change have put us in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event.

Despite these challenges, I can’t help but be optimistic when I see the passion and commitment children have today. Where adults can become apathetic, children are inherently positive, willing and dedicated to taking action. We see their tenacity and perseverance every day. If we are going to solve these pressing social and environmental issues over the next decade and beyond, we have to harness, foster and support the enthusiasm of our children. It is our goal to nurture children’s optimism for the future, and fuel their confidence by ensuring they have the tools to take action and make a real difference for Canada’s wildlife.

I hope you will join us in creating a world full of Earth Rangers.

Peter Kendall, President

Leadership Team

Peter Kendall, President

Tovah Barocas, Vice President, External Relations

Bill Litshauer, Senior Director of Operations and Programs

Jennifer Adams, Director of Development

Stephen Persinov, Director of Finance and Administration

Paul Woerner, Director of Live Productions

Board of Directors

Robert Schad, Chairman Emeritus
Founder and CEO, Athena Automation

Elizabeth Schad, Chair

Louise Clements, Director
Global Agency Lead, ICF Olson

Stephanie Coyles, Director
Corporate Director & Senior Advisor

Steve Levy, Director
Chief Operating Officer, Ipsos Canada

David Palmer, Director
Vice President, Advancement, University of Toronto

Edward Riley, Director
Retired, Head of Distribution, Alliance Atlantis

Cindy Stephenson, Director
Retired, Imperial Oil and Imperial Oil Foundation

Jason Stewart, Director
President, Pol-Econ Canada Research Inc.

Chantelle Cseh, Director
Partner, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP

Advisory Council

Mary Desjardins
AVP Philanthropy & Sponsorship at Manulife

Christopher Hakes
Program Director, Globe Series

Erin Satterthwaite
Director, Communications and Community Investment, Vale

Dean Hughes
President, Dean Hughes Consulting

Dr. Justina Ray
President & Senior Scientist, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada

Dr. Bridget Stutchbury
Professor, York University

Regan P. Watts
Head: Innovation, Citizenship, and Government Affairs, IBM Canada Ltd.

Lorne Johnson
Advisor, The Ivey Foundation & The Schad Foundation

Earth Rangers’ governance guidelines and policies are available upon request.