Our Impact

Founded in 2004, Earth Rangers began as a local organization serving schools and community venues across the Greater Toronto Area. In 2011, we extended our reach, becoming the largest national conservation organization dedicated to kids, currently with over 200,000 members (and counting!). Our reach is national and our impact is local; we have dedicated members in every province and territory, hundreds of volunteers, and over 40 staff.

As Earth Rangers grows, we continue to develop programs that are educational, engaging and address the most critical environmental challenges of our time. But most importantly, Earth Rangers shows children that it’s not too late to help the planet, and that the things we do today will matter tomorrow.

School Assembly Program Impacts

Membership & Missions Impacts

Since 2010, our school program and live animal ambassadors have reached


students, visiting up to


schools each year in every part of Canada
We gained 24,000 new members in 2019, increasing our total to over


Our members accepted


Missions that had them working together to protect the environment
We LOVE Earth Rangers and what it stands for.  Earth Rangers provides a platform for young people to have a voice, and to learn that they CAN change their world to be a better place and all living things on it.  Educating young people and inspiring them is what makes Earth Rangers so special. Connecting Live animals with young people gives them the opportunity to meet these magnificent creatures up close and personal to learn about them and their importance to our eco system.

Teacher , St. Dominic School in Mississauga, ON

Conservation Project Impacts


different species protected


raised by Earth Rangers Members in support of species conservation

New Earth Rangers Research On Eco-Anxiety

Earth Rangers partnered with Ipsos Canada and other leading experts to conduct a scan of global literature on eco-anxiety in children, as well as a survey to capture attitudes and actions around environmental issues by children and their parents. The goal of this research was not only to uncover new findings and insights about eco-anxiety among grade school-age children, but more importantly to understand the solutions and opportunities.
This research has shown that some level of concern about the environment can be useful and healthy when it leads to environmental action. It also found that Earth Rangers members are far more likely to engage in environmental action, feel empowered and believe that they can make a significant impact.
Find out more about the research and download the Parent Guide featuring tangible tips to nurture empowered environmentalists!

Conservation Success Story

Earth Rangers, the Nature Conservancy of Canada and researcher Josh Sayers helped protect the American badger in Southern Ontario by removing invasive plant species and rehabilitating grassland habitat. Through field restoration and the creation of sand ridges the project helped improve the American badgers’ ability to find food and build dens. This project also funded the placement of radio transmitters on several American badgers to better understand their movements, habitat preferences and behaviours. Over 8,000 campaigns were started by Earth Rangers members passionate about protecting the American badger, and together they supported conservation work while increasing awareness about the need for environmental protection.

Member Impacts

Earth Ranger Joel: Buzzing "Condo" Developer

Inspired by the Earth Rangers Pollinator Power Mission to protect bees, this amazing Ranger started Joel’s Bee Factory, a company that specializes in making shelters for members of the genus Apis to rest and lay eggs. Since starting out, he has sold over 50 bee condos in his native Newfoundland, spoken publicly on the importance of bees and pollinators, and has even been noticed by Dragon’s Den! Clearly on a mission, Ranger Joel says: “It’s important to protect bees. If we don’t protect them we will mess up the whole food chain.”

Earth Ranger Juliana: On the Hill

In November 2017, Earth Ranger Juliana addressed Federal decision-makers in Ottawa the importance of protecting Canada’s natural heritage, securing a promise for the future. Juliana says: “I joined Earth Rangers because I care about animals and know they’re facing so many threats. If we don’t act now, in a generation it will be too late. I did my part by raising $1,000 for cold water coral research and now I’m proud that our government is doing their part by investing over a billion dollars in protecting the habitats of so many species.”

Earth Ranger Cameron: Painting for the Planet

Cameron is a 10-year-old artist from Wikwemikong, Ontario, a First Nations community on Manitoulin Island. Inspired by his mom and the landscape that surrounds him, he made a generous donation to Earth Rangers after selling some of his paintings. He says “I love painting landscapes and sketching animals. My classmates are interested in my art at school and they love what I do. So I decided to paint and sell my paintings to fundraise to support and protect the bees. We live off the land. Whatever we take from Mother Earth we must give back. So we must help the animals and the environment so that it can be there for future generations to enjoy.”

Last updated on January 9, 2020.