Our Mission:  To create a generation of conservationists

When it comes to media reports about our natural world, headlines today are dominated by tales of doom and gloom.  Increasing pollution in our air and waterways, diminishing biodiversity the world over, and the ever-present threat of climate change all conspire to create images of a bleak future that can at times seem inevitable.  These are the reports our children have been faced with all their lives – but we have yet to meet even one that responds with despair.

That’s because there’s an even stronger environmental narrative emerging from Canada’s youth today; one of realistic optimism.  The next generation is a hopeful generation, and one who is ready to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to make a better future their reality.

Earth Rangers is the kids’ conservation organization, committed to instilling environmental knowledge, positivity, and the confidence to take action in every child in Canada. We do this through a variety of free programming that children can participate in at school, at home, and in their communities. All of these programs are educational and engaging – but more importantly, they show children that it’s not too late to help the planet, and the things we do today will matter tomorrow.

From big cities to remote communities, Earth Rangers engages children all across Canada through our School Outreach and Membership programs. We currently have over 300,000 members and alumni in every province and territory.


What’s next for Earth Rangers? 

One of Earth Rangers’ greatest strengths is our ingenuity. Since the organization’s founding in 2004, our ability to be nimble, adaptable, and resourceful has driven our success, and made possible our achievements over the past few years.

While the impacts of COVID-19 have meant disruptions to some of our programs, Earth Rangers has been reinvigorated by the challenge of finding creative and technology-driven solutions to ensure we continue to engage children effectively in environmental learning and action. The difficult circumstances surrounding the pandemic have shown us how important positive, proactive, and nature-based experiences are for the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of our youth. Beyond instilling environmental values in the next generation, Earth Rangers can help today’s children retain their inherent sense of hope and optimism for the future. Read more about our 3-year strategic plan here


Earth Rangers is proud to have received the following awards for our programs:


  • Canada Clean50 – Top Project, The Earth Rangers App (2022)
  • Canada Clean50 – Emerging Leaders, Tovah Barocas, President, Earth Rangers (2022)
  • Apple- Best of 2018, The Earth Rangers podcast (2018)
  • Mom’s Choice Award- Gold, Audio Experience, The Earth Rangers Podcast (2018)
  • Energy Star- Energy Star Certification (2018)
  • BOMA Canada- BOMA NetZero Challenge Innovation Award (2018)
  • Communicator Awards- “Bring Back the Wild” Integrated Campaign- Non Profit (2017)
  • Telly Awards- Bronze, “Bring Back the Wild” Campaign – Regional Commercials (2017)
  • Canadian Museum of Nature- Nature Inspiration Award Not-for-Profit Large (2014)
  • Interactive Media Council- Interactive Media Award: Outstanding Achievement in the Animal/Wildlife Category (2014)
  • Interactive Media Council- Interactive Media Award: Outstanding Achievement Award in the Non-profit Category (2014)
  • Homeschool.com- Top 100 Educational Websites (2014)
  • Parent’s Choice Foundation- Parent’s Choice Award Winner (2013)
  • Race to Reduce- Building Performance Award (2012)
  • Consulting Engineers of Ontario- Award of Excellence (2012)
  • Schneider Electric- GOLD One Trophy Winner – North America (2012)
  • Schneider Electric- GOLD One Trophy Winner – Global (2012)
  • Oracle- Oracle Excellence Award: Eco-Enterprise Innovation (2012)
  • LEED Canada- LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance Platinum (2012)
  • Digi Awards- Best in Community Campaigns (2012)
  • Toronto Construction Association- Green Building Culture Award (2011) 
  • Mom’s Choice Awards- Best in Family-Friendly Media, Products and Services (2011)
  • Canadian Network Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM)- Outstanding Environmental Education Membership Organization (2011)
  • City of Toronto, in partnership with Green Living- Green Toronto Award for Environmental Awareness (2010)
  • Green Building Council- Innovation in LEED Awards 2014 for Existing Buildings: O&M Platinum (2014)
  • ComputerWorld, 4th Top Green IT Organization (2010)
  • Storage and Networking World: Best Practices in Green Computing (2010)
  • Info-Tech Research Group Ltd. and IT World Canada Inc.- Quest for Canada’s Smartest and Greenest IT: Canada’s Greenest IT Department (2010)
  • Interactive Media Council- Interactive Media Award: Best in Class in the Animals/Wildlife Category (2010)
  • LEED Canada- LEED for New Construction: Gold (2006)
  • GE – Global Ecomagination Leadership Award (2006)
  • Ontario’s Conservation Action Team (2005)