Our Mission
To educate and empower children to Bring Back the Wild.

Our Vision
Picture every person you know working to protect biodiversity. Picture all of these people acknowledging the impacts of their small, daily actions. Picture our planet thriving because a new generation of leaders is mindful about its health. At Earth Rangers we imagine this every day. We believe children can make it a reality.
We all get busy and forget how our daily actions affect the world around us. We forget that, while important, we’re just one part of a huge ecosystem. Children don’t – they’re passionate about protecting life on earth. When they learn how their behaviours can help, they don’t ignore them, they act. Earth Rangers provides children with the opportunity to protect animals, to improve the environment and to make a difference. We are the Kids’ Conservation Organization.



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Having spent the better part of my childhood exploring the fields, creeks and woodlands where I grew up, I developed a strong connection with our natural world. Years of climbing trees, hiking and hours spent on the water have resulted in a great passion for the outdoors.

As I got older, this passion developed into a desire to make a difference in the world. In high school, I helped lead a program that had the whole school volunteering in the community. It’s an experience that sticks with me today, people working together, towards a common goal.

My love of the outdoors and passion for giving back, set me on the path to where I am today. Early on in my career, as a camp director and teacher, I experienced first-hand the inherent connection children have with the natural world and their desire to become directly involved in helping to resolve environmental issues. But it wasn’t until I joined Earth Rangers that I realized the full extent of the incredible commitment and dedication that children have towards animals and the environment.

One of the many highlights of my job is when a young Earth Ranger arrives at our Centre to personally deliver the donations they have collected, whether it be from mowing lawns, a bake sale or a recycling program. I get the chance to talk with these children and hear about how their experience has changed the way they think about the earth. It is truly inspiring to hear the sense of pride when they talk and see the look of achievement on their faces, knowing they have made a difference.

Seeing this commitment first-hand gives me hope for the future. It convinces me that we’re doing the right thing and our efforts are helping to inspire a new generation of environmental stewards. Please take some time to explore this site and learn more about our work. I hope you will join us in creating a world full of Earth Rangers.

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Peter Kendall, Executive Director